Adela Chavez answered yes to that last question and spent five years in Asia with her infant daughter and business-executive husband. Let's Move to China, Ma Cherie! is the true story of this amazing experience. It is a lively, adventurous tale of Adela's life, love, and travels during the early years of China's modernization – and it is true. It all really happened!

In her own words, Adela Chávez tells a lively story of her arrival and adjustment to life in the chaotic yet fascinating city of Shanghai. She joins a congenial community of ex-pat women from around the world and learns the tips and tricks needed to survive in this teeming metropolis, and she also travels to explore exotic locations in China and beyond. But nothing can prepare her for the changes that living five years in Asia brings to her family, especially to the love of her life, her oh-so-charming French husband.


About Susan

As a former journalist, author Susan McDonald became fascinated by her niece Adela's many stories of life as an expatriate living in Shanghai. She knew she was hearing something special and unique.
In 2003 China was rushing to catch up with the world's modern countries, and Adela was struggling to make a good life for herself and her family in a place that seemed totally alien to her. Those two stories were intertwined by the author to create the new book, Let's Move to China, Ma Cherie!